Posted by: Jeremy C. Young | May 11, 2011


For those readers who are interested in my scholarly work, I have an article out in the latest issue of Forest History Today. The article, “Warrior of Science: Raphael Zon and the Origins of Forest Experiment Stations,” explores the connections between pioneering forester Raphael Zon and the Progressive-Era fixation with expert leadership. I did the research for this piece in the summer of 2007, while on an internship with the Fort Valley Forest Experiment Station Office of the Historian. I’d like to thank FVFES Historian Susan Olberding for pointing me to this project and helping immeasurably at all stages of the work, and FHT editor Jamie Lewis for his extremely helpful stewardship of the article.

I’d also like to direct your attention, once again, to History for Kossacks, the Daily Kos sub-blog at which I’ve recently been promoted to Editor status. This still means I’m not part of the management team, which I’m happy with (hey, I did that for long enough!), but I now have the ability to republish content from the main Daily Kos site to HfK — which was one of my favorite parts of the old job.

I wanted to address a comment Ahistoricality made when I first announced the creation of HfK. Ahist was concerned that the culture of Daily Kos, with its flame wars, community moderation, and “toxic” interactions, would carry over to the new subsite. I had some of the same concerns, and I’m happy to report that HfK has remained blessedly free of such nonsense. Sure, you can go to the main site and participate in all the flaming you please, if that floats your boat. But I haven’t seen a single flame war or hidden comment in the HfK subsite, and I’d be surprised if I ever did. The management team’s policy is that only straight-up history should be featured at HfK; diaries that chiefly concern politics or controversial political issues don’t get republished to the site. As a result, we have a lot of fascinating content and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Here are some examples of the great work that’s frequently featured at HfK:

  • Ojibwa posts fascinating, content-laden diaries nearly every day. Among the targets of his encyclopedic knowledge are Native American history and ancient history.
  • Andrew C White has been putting up a series of excerpts from letters his grandfather wrote home while doing relief work on the Western Front during WWI. Andrew’s providing a lot of historical tie-ins for the letters, and we have a good time discussing how his grandfather interacted with Progressive-Era intellectual, political, women’s, and military history.
  • My former co-blogger Unitary Moonbat recently wrote an exhaustive, beautifully-illustrated four-part series on the history of Libya from ancient times to the present. A must-read for anyone interested in the region or our involvement there.

This is just a taste of the incisive work that awaits at History for Kossacks. I’d encourage my readers to give the site a serious look; I think it is rapidly becoming one of the better history group blogs out there.

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